Who we are

Flashcards&Stationery is an initiative of Marcel Keetman of Keetman druk+print and Patricia Kleiberg from Sneek, The Netherlands. The reason? Very simple: There were no fun and affordable flashcards available in Holland. It started with the Dutch site ‘Flashcardsbestellen.nl‘ on april 1st 2017, since june 2019 they are also available via Flashcardsandstationery.com

How it started

For some time, flashcards were ordered at Keetman druk+print for Patricia’s cousin Vivianne, just as a favour. She used the flashcards intensively for her Gymnasium training. Earlier, address cards from a large retail chain were “misused” as flashcards.

However, these are expensive (and boring). That’s why we have designed a number of flashcards together. Each subject has a different colour (easy to keep apart), 300 grams paper (that way they last a long time) and they were still affordable. What started as a favour grew into a serious idea. Because her cousin was certainly not the only one who used the flashcards, on the contrary.

The idea “flashcardsbestellen.nl” was born.

The very first batch of themecards, from April 2017

That escalated quickly…

Patricia build the site, Marcel printed the cards and Vivianne made the pictures. We went live on april 1st 2017 on 2 o’clock in the afternoon . The first order came in 5 minutes later.

In two years time, 150 million flashcards were sold

Flashcards & Stationery

After a stormy growth of two years in the Netherlands and Belgium, more and more inquiries from all over the world came in. Therefore we decided to launch an international website: Flashcards & Stationery. 

Our values

Marcel Keetman (with Daico)
Owner / Founder

Owner of Keetman druk+print. Ensures that the millions of flashcards are printed and sent to all our customers. Obsessed with paper quality and wine.

Patricia Kleiberg (with Bear)
Owner / Founder

Owner of Bureau Marketing&Verkoop. Takes care of the customers, the website and all (online) marketing with lots of love. Can stare at statistics for hours.

Vivianne Streefkerk (with Max)
Inspirator / Social

‘The cousin’. Currently full-time student at University and still a major user of flashcards. Responsible for all photos on Instagram, Facebook and the website. Biggest animal lover out there.