The Leitner Cards System

Explanation of the Leitner Cards System

If you don’t know a card from box 2 or 3, it moves back to box 1.

Writing your own flashcards

A huge advantage of flashcards is that you write them yourself. While you’re writing, your brain works harder than when you’re typing.

You’re not just thinking about what you’re going to write, but also how you’re going to write it: you appeal to your motor skills.

While you’re writing you are already retaining information. You’re also creating a visual image of the flashcard: this sticks to your memory faster than something you typed out.

Create your personal flashcards package

40 chapters commercial economy …

Studying 40 chapters of commercial economics works a lot faster with the flashcards. You are effectively working on the material by writing it down, then you just have to repeat it to make sure you remember it.

I love it!

Marlies Van Dijk - Witvoet / Trustpilot