Study effectively and efficiently

You start by writing the flashcards. You write a question, word or definition on the front and the answer, translation or meaning on the back.

When you’ve written the flashcards, they’re sorted into three different boxes: 1, 2 and 3.

How do you learn the flashcards with the Leitner system?

You start with all the cards in Box 1.
You learn these every day

You know are card from Box 1? Then it goes to Box 2.
You learn these every three days

You know are card from Box 2? Then it goes to Box 3
You learn these 3 every five days

If you get a card wrong, it goes back to Box 1

Explanation of the Leitner Cards System

If you don’t know a card from box 2 or 3, it moves back to box 1.

The benefits of the Leitner learning system

Shorten your study time and only learn what you don’t know every day.

Thanks to the smart learning system, you only learn the difficult cards every day. Keep this stack together with the binder rings and take them with you.

You don’t have to learn the other cards much as often and therefore you don’t have to drag them along.

Write yourself, remember better
Because you write the cards yourself, you’re already learning while you make the cards. You need to know what you write on the card, and also how. This activates your motoric skills and creates new connections in your brain. 

You see your progress every day
The pile of cards that you no longer have to learn daily (or even no longer at all) is constantly increasing. You literally see your progress each study session, this is very motivating.

It actually works

Quick delivery and the cards are used heavily. My grades have gone up, very happy with this. 

Elisa / Trusted Shops

40 chapters of economics

I had to learn TONS for my economics exam. With the cards it went a lot faster. You already learn while you write them, I only had to revise them once or twice afterwards. Absolute lifesaver.

M. van Dyk / Trustpilot

96% score

Good system, especially with the ring. Easy to throw it in my bag en learn while I’m on my way. Got a 96% score on my test

Mariana / Facebook

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The big advantage of writing your own flashcards

While you’re writing you are already retaining information. You’re also creating a visual image of the flashcard: this sticks to your memory faster than something you typed out.

You’re not just thinking about what you’re going to write, but also how you’re going to write it: you appeal to your motor skills.

Think about a making a written grocery list. Once you’re in the store, you already remember more than half of the items. Simply because you wrote them down. 

Force yourself to make choices

The other big advantage of using flashcards is that you need to choose what is important and what’s not. You can’t write down an entire summary on your cards, it’s not effective. Next to that, the cards force you to bring the matter down to the core. What is the key sentence? What are the most important definitions? How do I write that down? 

This takes time, but you’ve already done half the learning once your cards are done. In the end this method saves you time and most of all, you can make learning more fun with our colourful flashcards