Read here how to make the best flashcards step-by-step. From a thick book to a handy stack of learning cards that you can take with you everywhere.

Making flashcards is really simple. In short:

Everything you need to know about making flashcards

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Step 1: Read 

It always starts with going through the subject matter, be it a complete book, a chapter, a summary or a list of words. You must know what to learn before you know how to learn.

We prefer to go through the material twice. The first time globally, so you get a feeling about of the quantity and structure.

The second time, we start working more intensively and start marking definitions, key-phrases or other important items. See step 2.


2. Mark important items

After you’ve read the text for the first time globally, start again and now read more closely. In this step you create the foundation for your flashcards. Mark every important definition, term, key-phrase, formula or anything else. 

The key is to shift through the subject matter and distinguish the important stuff from the unimportant stuff. So be critical and don’t mark everything, just the parts that matter.


Step 3: Make your flashcards 

You can now transfer the terms, words, definitions or key phrases from your book (or from your summary) that you have marked onto flashcards.

  • Write a word, definition or keyword on one side of the flashcard
  • Write the meaning on the other side
  • Use colors, drawings and make it fun for yourself

This is the example of making flashcards when it comes to a lot of learning work, for example for an exam. But you can use them for many more things. Think of formulas, schedules, question & answer and mutual connections.


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