Frequently Asked questions

Questions about flashcards

Why should I write my own flashcards?

So you can study in the most efficient way. While writing your flashcards, you’re already retaining information. Then you only repeat the flashcards you don’t already know.

Check out our thorough explanation.

I can make my own flashcards, so why would I buy them?

You can indeed make your own flashcards, which is easy when you’re dealing with small amounts. This website was created for people who use flashcards on a (semi) large scale, like ourselves.

Read all about how and why Flashcardsbestellen.nl exists

Why are the flashcards so cheap?

We produce flashcards in large quantities at once, at the printing company. This means we can keep the costs low. Still, producing the flashcards involves a lot of manual work.

If you’re interested in knowing what happens prior to the delivery of your package, take a look at our page ‘How it’s made’.

I have an idea for a flashcard design

Cool! Contact us and tell us about your idea, and we will get to work. Our current range of flashcards is just the beginning, we can add so much more. For example, we created the Medicines, Law and checkered flashcards together with some of our customers.

I want personalised / adjusted flashcards

That’s possible, with an order starting at 10.000 flashcards. Contact us and we can talk about your wishes. You can also email to info@flashcardsandstationery.com or call to +31 85 060 74 44 during office hours.

Questions about ordering

Can I combine any flashcard type or design?

Yes, you can add any type or design of flashcard to your cart while you’re shopping. The discount per pack will automatically adjust in your cart. You can also create your own package.

How does perforating work?

All flashcards are standardly sold without perforations, unless it is explicitly mentioned with the product. For example, pre-made packages including perforation & click rings.

Do you want a full personal package and the flashcards perforated? Then go to “Accessories – Perforation and click rings”. Here you choose the number of packs that you want to have perforated. If you have 15 packs that you want to perforate, you choose “15 pieces”.

Do you want to perforate half of your order? Or a specific package? Simply enter it in the comments with your order.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, our prices always include VAT. The shipping costs are only € 3.49 for shipments in the Netherlands and only € 4.95 for Belgium, regardless of the size of your order. Check out our page about shipping and payment for more information. 

Why is there a minimum price for ordering?

We sell flashcards in large quantities, with minimal or no shipping costs. For an order below € 10,- we would have to charge higher shipping costs and we don’t want to do that. If the demand for small packages rises, we might change this in the future.

I want to order for multiple people at once

That’s possible, we’ve processed an order for an entire class before. When you order for more people at once you quickly get the benefit of free shipping. Do you want to order a really large amount, you should consider informing your school or educational institution. If we’re talking about very large numbers, it can often be done even cheaper. Click here for more information

Questions about Delivery

How long does delivery take?

A maximum of two business days in the Netherlands and Belgium. We ship with PostNL and you will receive a track & trace email when your order has been shipped. Read all about the shipment on this page.

Do I receive a Track&Trace email?

All orders are shipped with PostNL and its partners. Packages for the Netherlands that fit in a letterbox are sent with PostNL’s letterbox mail.

These are:

Orders up to 500 A7 flashcards;
Orders up to 1000 half flashcards;
Orders up to 250 A6 flashcards.

All other orders are sent with the package mail from PostNL.

I have not received my order

We’re sorry to hear that and we will solve it for you. If your order takes longer than 3 business days then something has probably gone wrong with the delivery.

Please contact us directly via the contact form, telephone (+31 85 060 74 44), FB Messenger (icon is at the bottom of every page) or by mail.

It is easier if you have the order number at hand, then we can immediately look for your order.

Questions about payment

Which payment methods can I use?

You can pay with iDeal, Credit cards, PayPal, Klarna, KBC, SEPA transfer, Sofort, Giropay and Bancontact / MrCash.

All payments are handled securely by Mollie, our Payment Service Provider.

I have made a bank transfer or a deferred bank payment via PayPal

Thank you very much for your order and your flashcards will be sent as soon as the payment is actually received. We automatically receive a signal when the payment is successful and send the order to you as soon as possible.

I want to order on account

Educational institutions and companies can order on account. We reserve the right to check the data first in order to prevent misuse.

Order easily on account via this page.

I want an invoice

By default, the invoice is sent along with the order confirmation. You can also find the invoice if you have an account with us. Go to ‘My orders’ and you can download the invoice per order. If you have not received it for whatever reason, send us a message or email and we will send you the VAT invoice as soon as possible.

Questions about my order

I have not received my order confirmation

Check your spam box first. Unfortunately, our order confirmations sometimes disappear. It is also possible that the given e-mail address is incorrect due to, for example, a typing error.

Is the confirmation not in your spam box? Contact us and we will find it for you.

My order is not right

We do what we can to pack every order as carefully as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes something does go wrong. Don’t worry, we will always solve it. We will check or exchange the missing products, always in consultation with you.

Send us a message, email, call (+31 85 060 74 44) or use the Facebook Messenger box.

My order is damaged

Damages sometimes occur and we will always solve that too. Sometimes it is the storage boxes that damage the transport. Sometimes cards are bent or something else went wrong.

In any case of damage, contact us and we will find a solution together with you.

Tip: immediately take a photo (or several photos) of the damage and send it along. Then we can immediately assess what is going on and how we can solve it for you.

I want to change my order

In that case, please contact us as soon as possible via the contact form, e-mail or by telephone.

If your order has not yet been sent, we can always adjust the order, changes in prices will be settled.

Questions about returns

Can I return my order for free?

Yes, within 30 days after delivery you can return your order for free. We will refund the full purchase amount, including any shipping costs. Read our return policy