Value Pack 2000 A7 Flashcards

From 69.08

Colour galore!

Take advantage of the Colour Value Packages: we have now combined the best-selling items into one good deal.

  • The Prepared Colour Package with 2000 flashcards (40 packs)
  • Perforation of all the flashcards
  • 20 Binder Rings
  • A set (or multiple sets) of markers, fineliners or pens of your choice

Now bundled with a 10% discount

Colour Pack 2000 A7 Flashcards

55.00 49.50
Colour Packages with 2000 flashcards in A7 size (7,4 x 10,5 cm), in 10 different colours. You get 4 packs of 50 flashcards per colour. Choose the 10th colour yourself

40 x Perforation of flashcards

0.25 0.23
We make a hole in each pack, so you can use the flashcards with the binder rings

4 x Binder Rings (set of 5)

2.50 2.25
Metal rings with a diameter of 40 mm, sold per 5 pieces. Each ring can hold 100 perforated flashcards together. You get 4 sets of 5 rings, 20 rings in total

Choose your pen

1.75 1.58
Pick a pen, set of fineliners, markers or feltpens of your choice to complete your Value Pack
Value Pack 2000 A7 Flashcards

From 69.08

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